The prince harry could seriously affect the British royal family, since the premiere of its documentary series «harry and meghan» on Netflix until the official release of his book «Spare» on January 10, the prince harry is shaking the foundations of Buckingham Palace.

In an article published in «Guardian«, catherine meyer said the prince’s words might serve as the beginning of the end of the monarchy.

the book of Duke of Sussex It came to light by mistake a few days ago and since then international tabloids have been sharing some of the most intimate and shameful secrets of the British royal family that Harry recounts in his book.

In the revelations, the Duke of Sussex, I don’t leave any member of the family safe, Prince William, Queen Camilla, Kate Middleton, King Charles III… none of them I know safe.

Since the documentary premiered on Netflix, the prince harry Y Meghan Markle They have framed their speech around three points. The first is that the royal family and the British tabloids are playing an unhealthy game. Second, there is a form of racism in the family and third, the relationship between members is more institutional than family, both private and public.

According to Catherine Mayer, author of the biography of King Carlos III, called «The King’s Heart to Carlos IIIThese revelations contributed to people’s mistrust of the royal family:

The royals have become custodians of the public’s anger against racism, misogyny and wealth. After all, it is an institution that represents inequality, for this reason there is a lot at stake.

The prince harry It could do enormous damage to the royal family’s image as calm and respectable, as his big confession broke the family’s golden rule: “Never explain, never complain” either “Never explain, never complain«. For its part, the royal family is still silent about the revelations of the Dukes of Sussex.

The Buckingham Palace has not yet made statements to the memories of the The prince exposed in his book. In “Guardian«, Catherine Mayer He said the royal family’s historic defense strategy could now be detrimental to its institution, which is less and less the idealized reflection of the British people it should be facing.

Catherine Mayer I conclude by saying:

The failure of this project is absolutely catastrophic for the royal family.

Thus accepting the reasoning of the prince harry Y Meghan Markle in the Netflix documentary.