In the last autobiographical book of the prince harrySpare‘, it is revealed that in his youth he was a very “crazy” man, full of energy and with a very partying personality, there is even a chapter where he tells us how he lost his virginity.

A very controversial chapter, full of testimonials that some might not believe, but which are proof of personality, detailing all the nights where he had too many drinks and what ensured nights amazingand one of these was the one who lived in the house of the actress Courtney Cox.

Where, according to the prince’s story, they drank a lot with his friends, and ended up taking drugs, he tells us that after finishing the drinks he went to the kitchen to look for more and when he opened the fridge, he found a tray full of mushrooms hallucinogenic.

“My friends and I drank all of them, and we put them in our mouths and washed them down with tequila”

The main reason why the son of Lady Di decided to tell his biography and show it to the public was to vent the frustration he felt all his life due to the injustices and bad treatments that he received from his brother, the prince william and her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Wales, Kate Middletonbut this didn’t mean Harry couldn’t include a bit of his wacky past.