He prince harry he would have expressed that he misses his life in the UK, even though he has a good life in his current home in California.

In recent years, the duke of sussex He has had a very complicated life with the whole issue of the problems against the royal house, Prince Harry with his wife Meghan Markle They started a campaign a few years ago to attack the royal family, because they had expressed some negative behaviors and comments towards the Dukes of Sussex.

Prince Harry has been living with his wife and two children in Montecitohaving relinquished his royal duties and privileges in the year 2020, since then with the release of his memoir «Spare» and his series of Netflixhas brought unpopularity to his former home in the United Kingdom for which he has earned the hatred of members of the royal house.

Despite all the confrontations Prince Harry apparently misses his old home and his old life, the Duke of Sussex will be at the royal palace next month for his father’s coronation on King Charles IIIso you will get to experience the life of royalty again, which could bring back a lot of memories and a lot of nostalgia for all the years you lived there.

According to sources, Prince Harry would be willing to stay in his old home longer than expected, depending on how his father’s event unfolds, and if his relationship with his father and brother, Prince William, improves.