He prince harry has been believing that his older brother, the prince william I plan everything in order to carry out his plan to “turn it into a spare.”

Since more than three years ago when Prince Harry decided to give up his role as a royal member along with his wife Meghan Marklehas had to experience many controversies with all the members of the royal family, among them with his own father the King Charles IIIhis brother Prince William and his wife.

The Duke of Sussex did not miss his opportunity to reveal dark secrets against his brother, in several of his statements that millions of people managed to understand. As a result of this, Prince Harry has believed, as expressed by a royal expert, that his sister carried out in an excellent way the plan to make him the spare, in case something happened.

the real expert Tina Brown he claimed “He feels, I think, that William was even more calculated, essentially, making him number two, making him the spare, and feeling like the spare at all times.“, a statement that was very much in agreement with what Prince Harry said when he said:”Two years older than me Willy was the heir, while I was the spare, the shadow, the support, the plan B»

With this, the royal expert Brown considers that the more time passes, the youngest son of the Princess Diana the more he takes into account everything that happened, and surely he does not want to have any kind of approach with him. «I don’t think there will be much contact between them at the coronation“, highlighted Tina Brown in conclusion.