A Nostradamus prophecy has caused great concern in the British royal family, suggesting that a person who never expected to be king could assume the crown, leading many to believe that the prince harry could be the one to take the throne after the King Charles III.

The prophecy has generated conjectures and has put all eyes on the youngest son of Charles III and Lady Di. However, it is known that Charles is preparing for his coronation in May, despite the resistance of the British people.

Despite this, the health of the king and his partner Camilla Parker It has been cause for concern and has left the door open to a possible resignation from the crown.

Nostradamus’s prophecy also mentions that 3 children who were born in front of the river will put an end to the monarchy. This has led many eyes to William, Harry and Princess Beatrice of York as possible candidates. However the prince harry He has been in opposition to royalty, which makes the idea that he is the one to end the monarchy not so far-fetched.

Although several Nostradamus prophecies have been fulfilled in the past, it is not yet known what will happen to this controversial prediction and if the prince harry he will become the king he never expected to be. Everyone expects the successor to King Charles to be the prince william and not Harry, but in British royalty anything can happen, for this reason you have to wait and see what the future holds for the British crown.