The prince harry wants to be very calm after he released his controversial documentary with his wife, Meghan Markle, which made the Dukes of Sussex move away much more from the British royal family, recently, the youngest son of the royal spoke again King Carlos III, addressing his family and expressing his desire for a reconciliation with them.

«I want to get my father and my brother back“He said about his long and distant relationship with them. For this reason, the duke said that his intention was to leave things as they were before, although he regretted that, on their part, “he sees absolutely no desire to reconcile,” he said. the grandson of the deceased Queen isabel II, 38 years old, in an interview with ITV Y CBS News, to promote your book Spare, It will be published on January 10.

In the television appearances of the Prince Harry, can be seen and heard pronouncing phrases such as: «It should never have been like this” either “I want a family, not an institution«. well the prince harry he also sticks with something he’s talked about many times before, where he says that the British royal family feels it’s better to have them as the bad guys in the movie.

When asked why he didn’t tell his family directly and privately at the time, rather than publicly, the prince harry gave his reasons:

Every time I try to do it privately, there are media leaks and negative stories against me and my wife, they (Buckingham Palace) talk to all the journalists and they literally write the stories as told to them.

Finally, the Duke also criticized the fact that he felt little support from the Windsors at a time when he felt attacked by all the British media.

We cannot make a public statement to protect you, but then they did it with other family members, for this reason there comes a point where that silence becomes a betrayal