It is well known that the prince harry and Meghan Markle They are not well received in the British royal family, this due to the strong disclosure that the couple has made in their Netflix documentary series «Harry and Meghan» and in the autobiographical book made by Harry called «Spare«.

These revelations have caused thousands of British people to hate the royal family, as the organization’s darkest secrets came to light. For this reason, it is highly doubted that the prince harry He can return as if nothing had happened and he is still in doubt about whether or not he will attend his father’s Coronation this May 6.

He The prince Harry shared a video for wellchild, which is a charity with which Harry has collaborated on several occasions. Thanks to the fact that he is an important member of the foundation, the Prince will attend the event that they do every year in England, this being the second time that he will be in the country since his grandmother passed away,

In the video posted on the foundation’s social networks, the prince harry I’m talking about how happy he was to be part of them and how important it is to help people with medical conditions right now.

Everything seems to indicate that king charles He does not seem to like this visit from his son very much, because in a couple of months it will be his Coronation and he wants to avoid at all costs that someone steals the limelight on his special day with his wife, Stretcher Parker.