He prince harry could experience one more humiliation at the coronation of his father the King Charles IIIApart from what has been stated that he occupied a chair in row ten of the event, very far from his father and brother who do plan to be in the front row, living the moment on the surface.

The Duke of Sussex decided to give up his royal role a few years ago because he realized that his own family began to attack him when he decided to start his relationship with his wife. Meghan Markledue to the racist comments they made for being a dark-skinned person.

Because of this, Prince Harry through his autobiographical book «Spare» decided to explain all these experiences explicitly and in writing, and somehow obscured the dignity of his family. Due to these attacks, it had been assumed that his father, although he decided to invite him to the coronation, would not allow him to be close to his family due to their bad relationship.

In addition to this, it has been confirmed according to the military historian Dr Peter Johnston that he expressed to True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat that the Duke of Sussex may not wear military uniform, contrary to his brother, the prince williamthat it is possible that if he carries it.

«I guess Harry didn’t wear a uniform.» assured Dr. Johnston, a fact that clearly could mean yet another humiliation for Prince Harry right at the coronation of his father, King Carlos III and the queen consort Camilla Parker, since he will be seen by all those attending the event, who are aware of all the scandals that have arisen, and that clearly will not pass the subject unnoticed.

Even the military historian was positive in stating that «He (Prince Harry) will be a part of it, but not necessarily a main part.«, and he will have to assume these looks without the company of his wife Meghan Marklewho will remain in California with her two little ones.