Recently, it has been reported that the the prince Harry He will be quite nervous if he attends the coronation, since it is most likely that there will be a reunion with his brother Prince William, but experts have affirmed that everything he may feel could be his own fault.

Less than 24 hours will be taking place the first coronation that has not been given for 70 yearsand for days the media from all over the world have had their eyes on the event that will take place in the Abbey of Westminster. It is expected that the event will bring together members of the British Crown, and family close to them, as well as important members of the entire world.

Undoubtedly, the incredible thing about the whole issue is that Prince Harry will be present there, who since the year 2020 decided to renounce his duty as a royal member, to live with his wife, Meghan Marklea much quieter life.

Although his presence, according to experts and the media, will not be like a relative of the King Charles III, but it will be like one more guest. Before this the real expert Richard Fitzwilliams he stated to the medium Express UK «Harry will find the atmosphere alien, as he and Meghan have created the deep rift that now exists between them and the Royal Family, have been destructive«.

And I add: “Seeing Prince William will be very difficult, as will being with his father, and his stepmother. It’s his fault!«, apparently for originating through his book «Spare» so many controversies against his family.

However, it is expected that all the relatives in common are taking care of meticulously preventing a meeting between the two, due to all the conflicts they have had and so that the bad moment they may have in front of the cameras is not focused on. , who will clearly have their glasses on at the event.