The prince harry He has received harsh criticism from his followers, after his terrible behavior with an old man came to light, they call him a rude prince.

The duke of sussex continues to give the media something to talk about, with his recent documentary accompanied by his wife, Meghan Marklehas received a strong wave of criticism where they are classified as «unfair“Now a detail of the prince was known and that is that sometimes he is usually rude for no reason.

This year the prince harry, Meghan Markle and their children have spent Christmas in California, after having a time apart from the obligations of the royal family. Although at this moment he can enjoy his family in private, without paparazzi next to him capturing moments, on other occasions it could not be like that.

the son of the Princess Dianawhen he was in a sentimental relationship with the model Cressida Bonashad a bad behavior with an elderly man, after the couple was at Christmas walking the streets in England.

Apparently the old man would have stopped the couple respectfully and asked them the question: «Oh sir I’m so sorry I know it’s Christmas but could I take a picture to give to my wife who is not well?», And although the model accepted, the prince only told her: «get out of my way“, storming out at the old man.

Given this behavior, the model reconsidered whether he was the man she wanted in her life, and some time later the relationship ended. His fans now call him very unnecessarily rude.