A real security expert says that for the prince harry it was logistically impossible that he could have visited the Buckingham Palace on a 45-minute drive to Heathrow after the coronation to catch the plane back to the United States.

Reports say that the Duke of Sussex made a quick stop at the Palace after the coronation of King Charles III at the westminster abbey on Saturday, before traveling to Heathrow airport to return to the United States for his son Archie’s birthday, so he was forced to stick with his schedule and leave the United Kingdom.

A royal security protocol professional has denial claims that Prince Harry may have entered Buckingham Palace after his father’s coronation, insisting that “logistically there was no way» that he could have made that stop at the royal residence.

ken harfea former royal protection officer of the Princess Dianashared with MailOnline that the tight itineraries that Prince Harry managed on his visit to London, would not leave the opportunity for Harry to have gone somewhere else after leaving Westminster Abbey last Saturday, so he would have no choice but to leave the country immediately completed the coronation of King Carlos III.

The photographs show Harry leaving Westminster Abbey and entering a bmw black at 1:15 p.m., then at the Heathrow entrance, leaving the same vehicle at 1:50 p.m.

«From the Abbey to Heathrow it is at least 35 minutes with police escort, that’s as fast as you can go», «I don’t think it makes any sense for Harry to go to the palace, since there would be no one to receive him, since all his family were still in Westminster Abbey». recounted Ken Wharfe.