In the memoir that a biographer wrote about the Prince Harry, The story he had with a popular British model that almost made him abandon his then courtship with the former American actress was reported. Meghan Markle to go after the attractive young woman, who was also about to accept his proposal.

According to what the journalist and biographer Angela Levin in his memoir ‘Harry: A Biography of a Prince’ (‘Harry: the Biography of a Prince’), the youngest son of Lady Di, and the British model Sarah Ann Macklin, They started talking after meeting at a private party in 2018.

From there, Harry He would have taken the task of trying to find dates to go out with the attractive model, this while he was dating Meghan Markle.

Levin He explains that even what happened with the model almost ended the relationship that Harry currently has with the American and mother of his two children. On top of that, he also explained the reasons why the fleeting romance didn’t work out for a long time.

“They are quite different. She lives a very clean life and barely drinks, and in that sense they were on a different wavelength. Harry was a bit evasive,” an anonymous voice confessed to Levin.

What we can confirm at present is that the prince harry has consolidated his marriage with Meghan Markle, to the point that he made the decision to move to the USA and abandon the British royal family, after the alleged attacks that the former actress suffered while they lived in the Buckingham Palace.