He Prince Harry, youngest son of King Charles III and who currently has serious problems with the British monarchy, would be moving back to the United Kingdom and before the official coronation of his father as the new monarch. However, it is beginning to be rumored that he will do it without his wife, the former American actress. Meghan Markle.

In recent days, the rumor has begun to spread that the Dukes of Sussex they would be leaving again USA to go live again in the United Kingdom, giving several reasons for this drastic decision.

However, it seems that the plans to go to english lands They are only contemplated by Prince Harry, who would be going to his country to become actively involved in the charitable activities in which he has participated for several years.

Harry shared a video on his networks to WellChild, a British children’s charity with which he has worked in recent years alongside Meghan. The headquarters of this organization is in London, and the youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana he would be attending several tasks that he will have with the charity in the coming weeks.

the Duke of Sussex He took the opportunity to talk about how happy he is to be a part of the association and what a great time he is having helping people with medical needs and urgent care.

Despite Harry’s good intentions, what really caught our attention is that Meghan Markle is not included in these organization plans. Some users in networks affirm that the reason is due to the firm position that the Duchess of Sussex has of not wanting to return to Europe.

For now, it remains to wait for a new announcement from the couple to clarify if they will finally go to live together at United Kingdom or not.