He prince harry lately named as a problem person, he plans to add to his memoir «Spare«, which has received so much criticism, some new statements against his family.

“Spare” is one of the books that is added to the list of writings that the prince has made, however, this has a different context from the others, where in addition to launching accusations against his family, he affirms that they were the ones causing racist criticism of his children and wife.

Despite the hundreds of criticisms he received, he does not plan to stop, on the contrary, his desire to continue feeding “his revenge” towards his family has not ended.

The controversial trials against him have reached the point of being broadcast on a television program known as “South ParkBut even so, he has new statements to add in his paperback due to be released later this year.

«Prince Harry is already planning to add at least one new chapter to the paperback… It will be out once the hardcover version runs out“, an informant confessed to the medium”page six«.

With this new controversy, the Duke of Sussex, his wife the actress, could be definitively expelled from royalty Meghan Markle and their two small children.