According to the British press, Prince Harry has sent a 24-page document in which he implicitly attacks the British relationship. Harry’s aurobiographical book, “SPARE» has become a bestseller, and the prince is promoting it through controversial interviews.

And it is that according to reports, the 38-year-old man is thirsty for revenge. An expert commentator on the British family stated that before reading the 416-page book, he claimed that one can only observe attacks and victimizations of the prince harry.

Prince Harry would have exclusively sent a 24-page document that holds a great secret about the British family. According to the commentator, it is not possible to know for sure if what Harry declares in this document is real, but if it is revealed, it will massively affect the King Charles III and Camilla Parker.

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In addition to this, it was revealed that Meghan Markle He is not at all happy with the public image that Prince Harry is creating around him. The woman proves to be completely concerned about the narrative she is taking against her husband and she is trying to guide him on a better path.

While Prince Harry is busy doing this kind of trick, his wife runs the archewell foundation focused on charity for communities, war veterans and mental health programs. Of course, Meghan also tries to include Harry as much as possible in each job to clear her name.