The tensions between the prince harry and the prince william increased more than ever when the Duke of Sussex speaks in his book «Spare«. The international media obtained a copy of the book and detailed the entire account of the prince harry about him prince william hitting him for Meghan Markle.

After a violent argument, the family ties of the brothers ended and apparently, without any solution in sight, the media outlet «Guardian«, has obtained a copy of the book, which will be officially launched on January 10, tells how the fight between the grandchildren of the deceased began Queen isabel II.

«The Guardian» mentioned that Harry he was upset because he prince william I call Meghan a person “difficult”, “rude” Y “believed”, and it is likely that the Duke of Sussex will respond by saying that it was the same narrative that they held in the press.

William, in turn, told him to be rational and they started yelling at each other, little by little, the argument escalated, the The prince of Welsh grabbed Harry by the neck, damaged his necklace and threw him to the ground.

Harry He went to the kitchen to serve his brother water, William He set the glass aside and lunged at Harry, who fell into the dog’s bowl, which broke and Harry strained his back from the fall.

William encouraged his brother to hit him, even bringing up childhood topics of discussion, but Harry refused, shortly after, the The prince of Welsh apologized to him and asked him not to tell Meghan about the incident.

The prince harry agreed and did not tell his wife what had happened, but «The Guardian» He said that he called his therapist. The days passed and Meghan Markle noticed scratches and some bruises on the back of Harry. It was then that he found out about the fight and his reaction was neither surprise nor anger, but Harry claims that sheI was terribly sad«.