The prince harryyoungest son of the already deceased Diana Princess of Wales, He has shown a very bad attitude towards an elderly person, which has earned him endless criticism in recent days for his action. What has the husband done? Meghan Markle to earn the public’s rejection?

Despite the fact that Prince Harry has always been characterized by his kind behavior before the public, a revelation from a recent British book has recalled an embarrassing moment when the Duke of Sussex he was rude and rude to an older adult.

The recently published book “The Palace Papers”, has remembered a bad moment that starred in the Prince Harry, unleashing a wave of criticism against him.

On that occasion, the young royal was dating the model Cressida Bonas, with whom he lived a turbulent, media and controversial romance that lasted until 2014.

in 2013, the son of the King Charles III and his ex-girlfriend Cresida celebrated Christmas in a small restaurant in kidlington, england, and when they were about to leave the place, an elderly gentleman affectionately approached them and made a request:

“Oh sir, I’m so sorry, I know it’s Christmas, but could you take a picture with me to give to my wife who is not in good health?”

Cressida happily accepted the older man’s proposition and took the photo, but in Harry’s case, it was the opposite and he didn’t even take it so well, annoyingly saying:

“Get out of my way, fiercely pushing the old man away, and in a rage he kept walking.”

That’s how he told it Tina Brown in the book, about the bad and strange behavior that the Duke of Sussex had with the older man at that time.

This revelation has aroused controversy around the Prince, who at the moment sees how the social media they criticize him massively for that event that occurred 9 years ago.

Despite what was undoubtedly a big mistake, the prince harry He is not used to having this type of attitude, there are even thousands of people who assure that his pleasant behavior was inherited from his iconic mother Lady Di.