The statements made by the prince harry in his memoir ‘Spire’, which will be released around the world on January 10, has generated a whole controversy due to the serious accusations he makes against his family, specifically against the Prince William. And where now has he affirmed, that his brother’s wedding with Kate Middleton It was a farce in many ways.

Harry has confessed that he was used to stage a charade at his older brother’s royal wedding. The Duke of Sussex He explained that he was forced to do a number of things that were not planned or previously reported to him.

the husband of Meghan Markle confirmed in his memoir that “it was all a show” and that close friends of the Prince of Wales, James Meade Y Thomas Van Straubenzee, they gave the traditional speech at the reception, while Harry was demoted and acted as the presenter.

“Willy didn’t want me to give a best man speech, and I was forced to play the best man role to save interest in the lives of William’s two closest friends.”

The full statement of what actually occurred at the wedding of the Prince William and Kate Middleton, it will be possible to know after the premiere of the book of memories of the Prince Harry, who has spared no measure of his words to attack his brother.

Several British media and newspapers had warned the princes of wales so that they “prepare for the worst”, since ‘Spire’ it is full of shade, criticism and attacks especially against them.

For now, it is not known exactly if William Y Kate they will be preparing a response to this wave of attacks from Harry. But the panorama that is currently seen is that the accusations of the Duke of Sussex they are not willing to stop under any circumstances.