As reported by the newspaper «Guardian“, the prince harry revealed in his book that he attempted to communicate with his late mother, Princess Diana, through a woman who has “Powers«.

This revelation was made thanks to the writings of the prince harry in his book «Spare«, which will go out to bookstores on January 10, but «Guardian»was one of the newspapers that was able to access the writing a few days before and thanks to that they have been able to discover secrets of the intimate life of the prince and of what I sawi lived in the british royal family.

According to the woman who helped the prince harry to make contact with his mother, she left him a message, which moved him deeply:

The woman told Harry that Princess Diana I sent him a message and it said the following:

You’re living the life she couldn’t. You are living the life she wanted for you.

The Duke of Sussex He confessed in the book that he felt very happy and emotional when the woman told him “your mother is with you«, since the accident that ended the life of lady Gave It was in 1997, when the prince harry He was barely 12 years old.

Without a doubt, it was an event that forever marked the life of Harry, Well moments before the accident the Princess Diana I call Harry and he was rushing her to hang up, since he was at his grandparents’ house playing with his cousins.

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