The prince harry has revealed what his relationship is like with the queen Camilla Parker, his father’s wife, a topic that many were unaware of and that certainly no one expected him to make known.

The Queen Camilla Parker is listed as the woman he King Charles III used to be unfaithful to the prince’s mother, the deceased Princess Diana. Which is why the British people assume that it should only be a polite relationship with her stepmother.

The prince’s revelations are included in all the controversy that will come to light next January 10in his autobiography.

And as with the passing of the years, there are many assumptions regarding the issue that affects him and his brother the prince williamthe duke for the only time has answered the questions of the curious.

Although the book contemplates terrifying experiences with his family, and exposes all its members ending with their dignity, his account regarding the Queen Camilla Parkeramazed and disgusted more than one.

In his book he admits that he begged his father not to marry the queen, whom he considered “The other woman«, but that despite the insistence I only wish him the best with his new wife. Although in the past the relationship was not the best, his love for his father led him to accept the new woman of the King Charles IIIand to this day their relationship has improved significantly.

Some admit that it showed his maturity, while others believe that it is disrespectful towards his mother.