He prince harry Lately he has addressed how it feels to expose the secrets of the royal family, and attack them publicly in his book «Spare«.

He duke of sussex He wrote his own autobiographical book in which he cleared the doubts of the British people, in aspects little known to the community, such as the way in which his family received the news that Meghan Markle, an actress would be part of the British monarchy. In the same way that she revealed details of the terrible relationship that she has with her father and brother.

For this reason, the prince harry He has revealed how he has been lately when he learned that through his accusations, the royal family has been receiving a lot of criticism from the British people.

This happened days ago, when the prince harry In the company of his wife, they attended a party in Saint Barbara, California, and while having fun they talked with several of the guests at the same meeting. One of them was the one who revealed the duke’s situation, regarding his feelings for proceeding in a bad way against his own family.

The source admitted that the duke shows no regrets.”Harry said he was very happy with the success of his book and the public reaction.«. «He said he has no regrets about any of the revelations, and he’s relieved to get his story out to the world, there’s been an incredible reaction.» concluded the source.

Although he was very animated when discussing his book, when asked if he would attend his father’s coronation, the King Charles IIIhe preferred to change the subject immediately.