The prince harry He has spoken about the death of his mother, the Princess Diana, on several occasions, but the Prince had never explained how his mother’s death was for him and everything he felt in his heart when he was only a 12-year-old boy and lost the most important person in his life, as he did in his book Spare.

The Duke of Sussex tragically lost his mother, better known as LadyDiwhen I was a child, about it, Harry made several painful confessions in his book, for example, his father, the King Carlos III, didn’t bother to hug him after learning that the Princess Diana he had died in a car accident.

The prince harry wrote:

Dad didn’t hug me. How can you expect him to express his feelings in a crisis like this when he isn’t very expressive under normal circumstances?

After learning of his mother’s death, Harry cried uncontrollably, but later became convinced that his mother’s death was faked to avoid the media, who were making his life miserable.

This time it wasn’t the people around me or the media that did the trick, but my mom. Her life was miserable, persecuted, harassed, lied to. So she faked the accident as a distraction and ran away.

Harry admitted that despite attending his mother’s funeral, he still thought it was all a ruse of the Princess Diana. Years later, she had her press secretary open a secret police file on what happened to her mother, that’s when the royal family realized her mother was being stalked by paparazzi moments before her accident. .

In his book, Harry lamented that the last thing his mother saw on this earth was paparazzi flashing camera lights as they harassed her..