The book “Spare” of the prince harry has strong revelations from the British royal family, but also unprecedented personal revelations and his relationship with Meghan Markle. One of the revelations that caught my attention the most is the one that tells what happened shortly before the birth of her first child, Archie.

On May 6, 2019, the Dukes of Sussex leave by car to the London hospital, where hours later he would be born Archie. But it was revealed that to calm the pain that Meghan had moments before childbirth, she used a substance, but what she really surprised is that Harry also decided to use the gas.

In the moments before delivery, the The prince Harry I inhale the laughing gas, same as I would use Meghan Markle for relieve contraction pain. This fact would have caused a moment in the hospital room, since under the effects of the gas, the Dukes of Sussex began to play with a ball.

This action has no negative consequences, on the contrary, in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia this practice is very common to make the moment as easy as possible. He prince harry He decided to inhale this substance to be calmer and more relaxed, since this gas has anesthesia effects.

In the UK this gas is known as “entonox» and the substance is prescribed by doctors for women who are about to give birth and so decided to use it Meghan Markle.