He prince harry He has been the center of attention in recent months due to the numerous controversies in which he has been associated with all the members of the Royal familywhich they have created due to their unmonarchical actions.

With the recent edition of his biography published on January 10, 2023, the Duke of Sussex has revealed secrets and situations that normally anyone would want to keep out of the public eye. And not only did he confess several arguments and disagreements that he had with his brother on prince williamif not the mistreatment and discrimination that he has suffered throughout his life by British royalty among other controversial revelations.

In one part of the book, Harry reveals to us that the controversial ring with which Prince William was engaged to his wife, and which belonged to his mother, Lady DiIt was never in his possession. Therefore, it is understood that the rumor that William had asked his brother Harry for the ring is completely false. “I never gave Willy that ring because it wasn’t mine to give him. He already had it. He demanded it after mama diedand I was more than happy to give it to him,” Harry confessed.

Which makes it clear to us that the beautiful relationship between the three members of royalty has been quite a lie of the newspapers that published flowers and colors of the royal family at the time.