the book of Prince Harry, It will be published at the beginning of next week, more precisely on January 10, but it is already causing a stir in the royal family, since several media outlets received a copy of the letter and a huge number of secrets have been leaked.

Among the revelations, Harry talked about the secrets of his brother’s wedding, the Prince William, with kate middleton both of which are one of the most important unions in the royal family, but he called it a “show«, since this one has a big lie.

The wedding pictures show Harry very close to William, accompanying him very closely during the ceremony, as every groomsman does, but apparently it was all a setup. According to media reports, including the “Daily Mail«, the real groomsmen at the royal wedding are the close friends of the Prince William, James Meade Y Thomas van Straubenzee.

As the Duke of Sussex said in his book, his brother I didn’t want him to give the best man speechfor this reason Meade Y van Straubenzee They gave the traditional speech at the wedding reception, but he said that lie was made to avoid public gossip and he could even be seen riding with his father and brother in the car that took them to church.

Another fact that the prince harry revealed about his brother involved moments before the wedding, where Harry claimed that the prince william was drunk on last night’s rum.

Harry He remembers that moment and commented that he told his brother «you smell to alcohol» a few hours before the wedding and offered her some breath mints.