the book of prince harry is finally up for sale, “Spare: In the Shadow“, was promoted in an interview that the Duke of Sussex did with the television network CBSNewswhere he confessed that he was forced to leave the British Monarchy.

Previously the second son of the Princess Diana Y Charles III revealed in the Netflix documentary “harry and meghan» that he has not given up his active role as a member of the British royal family, so he is trying to find some solutions, for example, he moved to a Commonwealth country, from where he and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been able to continue working on behalf of the Queen isabel II, but his family has other plans.

According to the statement of Prince Harry, After trying to leave the UK with his family, the monarchy did not accept any opportunity offered by the Duke of Sussex to continue his royal work, instead, they gave him only two options, which were to continue as they were doing or leave the UK. full institutional role.

Faced with this situation, the prince harry he was forced to renounce the royal titles and that of captain general of the Royal Marines, which he received from his grandfather, the Prince Philip. Harry also stepped down as Honorary Commander of the Royal Air Force and had to step down as Commonwealth Nations Youth Ambassador.

However, despite losing all these titles, the The prince Harry he is still a prince, as he is still sixth in line to the throne by birthright, likewise, both Harry like his wife Meghan Markle still have the title Dukes of Sussex, which was granted by the Queen isabel II after their marriage.

Prince Harry he explained in an interview with Anderson Cooper that he did not renounce the title of Duke of Sussex because he truly believed that it would not change anything between him and his family in any way.

During the conversation, Harry admitted to Cooper that he absolutely believed that it was impossible to resolve his problems in private with his father, the King Carlos III, and his brother, the Prince William, because so far the only results of these attempts have been the British and international media leaks and the attacks on him and his wife.

Every time I have tried to fix the problems in private there have been leaks and stories against me and my wife. The family motto is: Never complain, never explain. But it’s just a slogan and it doesn’t really hold up.

When Anderson Cooper asked if the Duke of Sussex was still in contact with his father and brother, Harry said: “Currently not«.

I really want to get my family back.

I hope to have a close relationship with my brother again, I also hope to have a good relationship with my father and the other members of my family.