In an interview with the British media after the release of the book «Spare«, asked in detail about his relationship with the prince william, the prince harry revealed that one of his biggest fears is related to his little nephews George, Charlotte Y louis.

According to Prince Harry’s interview with “The Telegraph“The Duke of Sussex said Prince George, Princess Charlotte or Prince Louis definitely”they will end up like him«Referring to the fact that there is a possibility that one of them decides to leave the royal family as he did.

In the interview Prince Harry said

I know that among these three children, at least one will be like me. That saddens and worries me.

At this, Prince William warned him not to try to get involved in raising children.

Although I spoke to William once or twice, he made it very clear that his children are not my responsibility, but I still feel responsible.

Prince Harry admits in his book that he felt like a “surrogate” all his life because he had no other path or life than to shadow his brother, who will one day inherit the British throne. Likewise, the Duke of Sussex has made it clear that he is not telling the whole truth about what really happened during his time in the royal family when he decided to comment on some details that could be extremely damaging to his relatives.

Before leaving the royal family, Prince Harry was very close to his nephews, so it is difficult for him to understand that they have no choice but to be part of the British monarchy in the future, because William does not want them to share with his uncle Harry.