The imminent launch of the new book of the prince harry He has him interview after interview by various means of communication to promote his work, and it is believed that his version of what he experienced in the royal family will be revealed. But the Duke of Sussex took the opportunity to express his feelings for being estranged from some of his relatives, as well as his intentions towards his brother, the Prince William, and his father, the King Carlos III.

The prince harry Shortly before leaving the royal family, he distanced himself from his brother, since it became known that the heir to the throne attacked the Dukes of Sussex, it is also known that Harry had a heated argument with William and the King Charles III before completely abandoning royalty and according to the documentary released on Netflix, he still remembers those moments with great sadness. The current situation between the three relatives is almost non-existent, the last time they were together was at the funeral of the Queen isabel II.

In a television interview he gave about his book Spare, the prince harry he said he was looking for “a family, not an institution”, However, the royal family has shown no intention of reconciling with him and his wife. Meghan Markle.

What he prince harry revealed in the interview was that he wants to get his brother back, the prince williamand his father, the King Charles III. This announcement could change the course of the history of Dukes of Sussex, who revealed in their documentary «harry and meghan»everything bad that happened in the royal family.