The prince harry He has been in the middle of all the international news, since in December he premiered with his wife, Meghan Marklethe documentary series «harry and meghan» and on the 10th of January he officially launched his book called «Spare“, which is his autobiography.

In the book, Harry began to reveal secrets of his personal life, he also took the opportunity to reveal dark secrets of the British royal family and for this reason the members of the Crown are upset with Harry.

Despite these tense moments, the prince harry He has made it clear that he hopes to get his family back, but the Duke of Sussex has received no response from his family.

In his book «Spare“Prince Harry took the opportunity to reveal how the moments of the accident his mother had were, he also recounts the difficult days that followed after the accident of the Princess Diana, where Harry said that he refused to believe that his mother had passed away, to which he wrote in his book:

It’s all a hoax so you can start over.

Mom is not dead, she is hidden.

Something that I also emphasize in his book was how hard it was for him to cry after the news, since he said:

One of the hardest things about those days was the inability to cry. I couldn’t shed a single tear. Perhaps she had learned well, she had deeply absorbed the ethos of a family for which crying was not an option.