The prince harry is being harshly criticized on social networks after stating in his documentary series that his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle, is “identical to her late mother, the iconic Lady Di, or better known as the Princess Diana.

The followers of the British royal family have massively criticized the inconsistency that has been seen in the documentary series “Harry & Meghan” regarding the comparison that the prince harry has done with the Princess Diana, and have not hesitated to issue their opinions through the social networks.

The public is considering as “reprehensible” the fact that it is compared to Meghan Markle with Harry’s mother, and see it as totally inconsistent and “deeply inappropriate.”

The fury that Prince Harry has generated occurred during an episode of his docuseries that is being broadcast on the platform Netflix, where the Duke of Sussex stated the following:

“A lot of what Meghan is and what she is like is very similar to my mother. She has that same compassion, she has that same empathy, she has that same confidence, she has that warmth about her.”

The statements that Harry has made have even been linked to the complex of Oedipus of Sigmund Freud (which says that men choose partners similar to their mothers).

And you, do you consider appropriate what the prince harry he said about his wife Meghan Markle and his mother, the Princess Diana?