With the new details disclosed from the book of memories of the Prince Harry, a moment has been revealed where the Duke of Sussex makes fun of his brother’s hair loss, the Prince William. These statements are generating all kinds of comments on social networks, since the situation that the two currently have is not good at all.

In the midst of all the controversy that exists due to the serious internal problems that exist in the British royal family, Prince Harry is promoting the launch of his memoir ‘Spire’, which is already in the eye of the hurricane so it can be confessed within it.

In the days prior to its next premiere, small paragraphs of its text have been released, and it is there where the shade that the husband of Meghan Markle he has done to his own brother.

Prince Harry has called Prince William’s hair loss “alarming”, making a clear mockery of the hair problems that the eldest son of the King Charles III has suffered in recent years.

And if it was not enough, Harry has also claimed that the resemblance of William with his iconic mother, the now deceased Princess Diana, it has faded with time, into new memories.

And you, what do you think of these controversial statements of the prince harry?