With only hours to go before the official coronation, the prince harry held a small meeting with his father on King Carlos III, that on Saturday May 6, he became the new monarch of the United Kingdom. There, what both could have spoken is the subject of discussion in the main media and tabloids from the European country and from around the world.

Today, it has been revealed to the press that on the night before the official coronation of King Charles III, Prince Harry had a secret meeting with his father. This is how he made it known Nick Bullen, real expert for the portal Us Weekly, medium in charge of giving this news.

“I understand that you did not have any interaction with the prince william and kate middleton but he did have a conversation with his father the night before,” he said. Nick.

However, they have not disclosed the details that father and son would have spoken in this meeting. However, both of them could have talked about the book that the Duke of Sussex published in the month of January, and where he directly attacks the monarchy and his older brother.

Until the morning, no one really knew what Harry’s plans would be for that afternoon. Everyone knew that he intended to return to his house (in The Angels), but I think there was a hope that I could be a part of some of the family celebrations in the palace. So, I think there was a sadness that he wasn’t part of the fuller day but, you know, everyone knew that he was going to take that plane,” he added.

So far, it is not known if the prince harry will return to United Kingdom in the following weeks. However, the possibility of a reconciliation with the King Charles III and with British royals, that’s a pretty far cry.