He prince harry He made a change to his itinerary on his recent trip to the UK, apparently to visit someone very special to him.

Although it was rumored that Prince Harry would not attend his father’s coronation on King Charles IIIDue to all the controversies he faced when he accused his family of being racist and having bad behaviors towards him and his wife, the presence of the youngest son of the Princess Diana in the UK even though it only lasted about a day there.

He attended the coronation of his father and stepmother, the queen Camilla Parker and he was there for a short time, after all it was stated that he would go back to USA to celebrate the birthday of his youngest son, the prince archie who turned four years old on May 6.

However, according to the newspaper Express UKafter the historic event in the westminster abbeythe Duke of Sussex quickly headed towards Buckingham Palace, where his late grandmother lived the Queen isabel IIThe prince reportedly wanted to visit and honor his grandmother’s memory on this day and it is claimed that he spent around half an hour in the royal residence.

Right after this, Prince Harry did head to Heathrow airport to board the flight that would reunite him with his family Meghan Markle, Princess Lilibet and Prince Archie.