The prince harry has been pointing to the British royal family with overwhelming denunciations in his memoir ‘Spare’.

Apparently the Duke of Sussex is very hurt by the way he and his wife Meghan Markle were received at the british crownLikewise, he will not forgive the fact that his wife and later his two children were criticized in a racist way by his own family.

For this reason the prince harry he saw it as a healthy option, to leave what was his obligation to royalty, and not belong to it, but to start his life in a more private and freer way, apart from the british crown and all that belonging to it implied. But he had to find a way to get even.

A renowned biographer, Jonathan Dimblebywho wrote the memoirs of the King Charles IIIaffirmed that he knows what it is to create controversy with the publication of a book, and have historical reflections, and admitted that the memories of the prince harry They are: “the kind of revelations you’d expect from a B-list celebrity«.

The biographer affirms that practically the duke of sussex, he got on his plane and started shooting at his family. At this he confirms that the father of the prince: «I think he’ll think this is getting in the way. I think as a father he will be deeply hurt by it. But he will continue with the work. That’s what they do, it happened in the past and it happens now«.

and catalog to prince harry like a person troubled and lostwhich does not measure what it expresses, «It is very significant that they are not revelations, but denunciations; the anger and pain of what he is saying, the assertion that this is ‘his side of him’ because until now there has only been one side. I haven’t heard the other side at all because the other side is always silent so I’m stumped“, asserted the biographer.