Rumors are running through social networks that the prince harry waiting for his father King Charles IIIit is said that he is waiting for the leader of the British monarchy to apologize to him for the abuses he has suffered throughout his life by the English nobility.

It is no secret to anyone that Prince Harry has been “trampled” by his family, due to the decisions he has made for his life within the Buckingham Palacethis is because Prince Harry forcefully renounced the nobility for the marriage he currently has with his wife Meghan Markle.

As expected, after making such an important decision, the royal family has seen this as an act of ungratefulness and “treason” towards the British crown, therefore it was also stripped off of many of their titles and lands. Something that Prince Harry took into account when resigning from his royal duties.

Currently, Harry is living in a financial situation terrible according to the Los Angeles media, which have revealed rumors about his economic status with his partner, and it would not be strange since behind everything are the actions against him that the crown has committed, influencing such shortage of money for his family.