The prince william points to what his brother, the prince harry this “distorted reality» of what has happened in the royal family before.

The statements of the duke of wales They are made known after a copy of the book was in their hands «Spare“, written by the prince harryand where he makes strong statements about the prince william and other members of the British crown.

Long before it officially goes on sale, the memoir of the prince harry He is already giving people something to talk about, leaving the British public speechless with his statements.

The exposures could prevent the older brother from attending the coronation of his father, who is “devastated»for the insults and betrayals that his brother is committing.

A source very close to the royal family noted: “He knows he’s going to be labeled a traitor, crossing the red line so many times, his father, his brother, the Princess of Wales and Camilla, it’s absolutely devastating.«.

Sources close to the family affirm that the duke of wales he will be extremely upset by his brother’s statements, and will do everything possible to prevent him from attending his father’s coronation.

«This is definitely the most intimate and private account we have had from any member of the Royal Family in history. There are things in this book that deserve attention“added the source.