He prince harry suffers from the criticisms made by the one who was the butler of the Princess Dianaconsidering him the person who gave the most arguments about the existence of a possible racist in the British monarchy.

Prince Harry and his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle They continue to suffer for their mistakes of the past, and the criticism towards them does not stop, even so when they have decided to step aside, and retire from royalty in order to seek a happier life with fewer rules.

Well now, not only his brother the prince williamand the British people have been in charge of criticizing the duke, a new person attacks him for his arguments when he cited the existence of a racist person who was hiding in royalty, which is why the butler affirms that the prince should have clarified the subject in time.

The Dukes of Sussex in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, they affirmed that in the Royal Family there was a person who commented on the skin color with which one of their children could be born; however, he never revealed the person’s identity.

A short time later, Prince Harry admitted never saying that, instead blaming the British media for fabricating the story. The theme clearly affected the Queen isabel IIwho according to the source, had to go to the grave believing that there really was a racist in his family.

And this is the reason why the person in charge of assisting Princess Diana criticizes him, «Not fixing that mess before she died is unforgivable.«, «You were supposed to ease your grandmother’s mind when she was worried in her drawing room at Windsor Castle.“, was what he questioned.

Even as things happened, the former butler admits to feeling bad for not having been able to do anything so that Queen Elizabeth II could rest in peace, and without any worries.