The stay of the prince harry at his father’s official coronation, the King Charles III of the United Kingdom, it continues to be the subject of debate in major tabloids around the world. In view of this, it has been possible to confirm that the Duke of Sussex You will not have the right to do some things within the ceremony, including the right to wear your military dress.

With only three days left for the most important event of the year, the coronation of Carlos III as the new monarch of the United Kingdom, the controversy that has been generated around the British royal family, continues to completely overshadow this celebration.

One of the main controversies is the problems and differences they have had with the Dukes of Sussex, to the point that the couple chose to leave the Buckingham Palace in 2020, to settle in California, United States.

From there, both Meghan Markle how Prince Harry, have taken it upon themselves to accuse the royalty of mistreatment. However, and despite the harsh attacks they have made, both have had some recent encounters with the King.

Especially with Harry, who managed to come to an agreement to attend his father’s coronation. However, it has been confirmed that the youngest son of the late Princess Diana will not be able to use the Military suit What will his brother wear? Prince William, and other royals.

The reason for this rebuff is that both Harry and Meghan they resigned to their royal titles of the Dukes of Sussex. Given this, it is impossible for the Prince to wear the military clothing that characterizes them, so he will not be able to look the same as the others.

The media ‘The Sun’ and ‘Daily Mail’, They talked about the possibility that the prince harry only be at the celebration on May 6, since he plans to return to the USA that same day, after his father is officially proclaimed as the King of the United Kingdom.