He prince harry He admitted that he is afraid of the revenge that the royal family may take against him, after his controversial publications generated several months ago.

A month after the publication of the book «Spare» where Prince Harry lashed out at his royal family, apparently for revenge, as his family criticized his wife Meghan Marklethe duke admitted to an official source that his fear of a retaliation increases with the passing of the days.

The ones who could take revenge on Prince Harry would be his father the King Charles III and his brother the prince william who were the most affected by the controversial statements in the book and its documentary on Netflix.

It seems that the Duke of Sussex is sorry for having provided too much information to the British media, especially confidential information and closely guarded secrets.

Although the royal family has not yet ruled on the issue, and despite the fact that the prince and his wife could be invited to the coronation of the King Charles III next May, he fears reprisals that could be taken against his family.

It wouldn’t surprise Harry if the royals revealed some of their deepest secrets to the media.“Revealed a source very close to the firstborn of the Princess Diana. Concluding that “there are members determined to discredit Harry at any opportunity, especially now that he has stood up to them«.