He prince harrywould be going through another problem, because he is in danger on US soil due to a lawsuit imposed to fully understand his process of entering the United States.

The youngest son of King Charles IIIcould be described as one of the most controversial people in recent years, after he published his memoir “Spare” and his miniseries of Netflixin which he made some negative comments about some members of the royal family and their behavior within the royal house, this has created discord and many problems between the relationships of these protagonists.

Currently, one of the problems facing the Duke of Sussex has to do with the US government, because some do not understand how Prince Harry was accepted into the USA. Magazine Week comment that the Heritage Foundation I present one lawsuit against the United States department of homeland security, this organization would have requested all the information from the royal visa recordsafter Prince Harry admitted his drug use so US officials do not see the duke with positive eyes.

Although Prince Harry demonstrated and commented that this use of drugs helped him cope with trauma after the death of his mother Lady Dithese actions are still not accepted, so the duke would be taking this case with his lawyers looking for the best solution and that he is not removed from the country where he resides with his wife and children.