With the most recent declarations of the Prince Harry, and taken from his book of memories ‘Spire’ which will be released on January 10, the Duke Sussex now he would be in trouble, since after saying that he annihilated a group of Taliban, they would have threatened him for humiliating their organization.

Prince Harry continues to generate a lot of controversy, and on this occasion he has been threatened by the Taliban Terrorist Organization, after having declared that he assassinated more than 20 members of this organization while he was an active soldier of the armed forces of the United Kingdom.

The member of the British royal family He has been exposed to the public by the statements he himself has made in his memoir, which, despite the fact that it has not been released, has already left a gigantic and very dangerous media circle.

Prince Harry was in Afghanistan time ago, where he provided services as a pilot of helicopters for the British Armed Forces. On that occasion, the son of the King Charles III and the deceased Princess Diana, He claimed that he murdered 25 enemy soldiers.

That statement of The prince, has made the islamic military organization request that Harry be tried for committing war crimes in the country of Central Asia.

Khalid Zadran, who is a spokesman for the Afghan government, referred harshly to the acts committed by the brother of the prince william where he was involved in battle and took the lives of many defenseless Afghans, spokesman Khalid said.

The situation does not stop there, since the organization affirms that a reward could be offered for whoever caught the Prince, so that he can be tried by the Afghan government, led by the taliban

This is undoubtedly a new and serious problem both for the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle, as for the British monarchy.

After the Prince’s statements, the former security adviser of the United Kingdom asked not to give so many internal details, since these will harm the reign of Charles III, who will be officially crowned the new King of the United Kingdom in May of this year.