From the moment he The prince Harry and Meghan Markle They decided to leave the British Royal Family, there are followers who support them and others who do not, but Meghan’s sister is one of the people who go against the decisions made by the Dukes of Sussex.

The sister of Meghan Markle I assure you that your sister is “a liar.” Well, in 2001, Meghan did a controversial interview with Oprahto the Which samantha Markle He assured that what Meghan said were lies and that his reputation was completely ruined thanks to that.

This has led to a defamation lawsuit by Samantha against Meghan, where she is seeking around $72,500 in damages. On top of that, Samantha wants Meghan to make 39 separate admissions, in which she singles out one asking her to say the royal family isn’t racist.

Faced with this situation, Samantha demanded that the The prince Harry be called to court to testify against his wife, since they want him to participate in the video declaration procedure and under oath. It is believed that everything will be done by the end of this month.

But not everything seems to be so easy, the lawyer of Meghan Markle, has demanded that the case be dismissed, as the demands would have nothing to do with the defamation case. Even so, Samantha’s lawyer claims that the Duchess of Sussex wants to hide evidence and obstruct the investigation of evidence.