The prince harry He has been forced to increase his security team because he fears for his life, after several statements from his past life were made public.

staff of the INC He has assured that the life of the Duke of Sussex and his family is in danger, after exposing some dangerous situations in his memoir.Spare«.

Less than a month ago, last January 10the prince harry admitted in his book having killed more than 25 Taliban while doing his job in the army, for this reason security professionals admitted fearing for the life of the duke, because reprisals could be taken on the subject.

«Harry can make a security protection case as a distinguished foreign guest. Some ambassadors receive special protection. It would help if the British government intervened» explained one of the professionals on the subject. And although he clarified that the risk is not extremely great, they should request special protection, particularly for children.

The duke of sussex In a recent interview with the media The Late Showadmitted that although he reported in his book that he must have attacked people, he gave the context of the situation, but the media have been responsible for creating confusion on the subject.

«The most dangerous lie they have ever told is that I somehow bragged about the number of people I killed in Afghanistan.“, expressed the prince harry.

«If I hear someone bragging about that kind of thing, I would get mad. But it’s a lie. And I hope that now that the book is out, people can see the context. It’s really disturbing and very disturbing that they can get away with it. They had the context» concludes, inviting them to know the context of what happened.

However the dilemma is understood, the duke will have to be more safely accompanied in order to avoid danger to his life.