He prince harry who has stayed away from the British royal family since 2020, due to his official resignation with which he sought to have a much quieter life with his wife Meghan Marklehas recently received a heavy blow in the United Kingdom, with which he could have difficult visits in his future appearances in the country.

The youngest son of King Charles III and the Princess Diana He recently attended his father’s coronation and although he was not located in a privileged position, many media were aware of him, capturing every detail that occurred due to the controversies that he had previously launched.

It seems that the relationship duke of sussex with his British royal family is not the only negative he is going through, since he has lost a major legal battle with the British Home Officesince he was looking for security when he traveled to that country, but the petition has been ruled to be denied.

the real expert Omid Scobie revealed by a Twitter that: “the high court refused permission for prince harry to seek judicial review, following the decision that he would not be allowed to privately pay for his police security when in the country“The expert also added that his lawyers would have to appeal the stipulated ruling so that all is not lost.

However, Prince Harry and his wife would have to wait for a new report about the permission that is being requested so that he himself can pay for his security privately, which is expected to be given soon. Meanwhile it has been known that the prince could return to United Kingdom in June for a hearing he has scheduled against the newspapers that deprived him of his privacy.