January 8, 2023, 09:24 – Public News Service – OSN

Prince Harry excluded from his father’s royal coronation scenario Great Britain Charles III. The Daily Mail writes about it.

According to the source of the publication, the Duke of Sussex will not have any official role in the ceremony. Charles III will renounce, in a break with tradition, the royal dukes who kneel and pay homage to the monarch.

“Only William (eldest son of Charles III – Approx. DOS) will play this role,” the newspaper reports.

The coronation is scheduled for May 6, 2023.

The authors of the Daily Mail emphasize that Prince William is angry and upset by the revelations of his younger brother, who revealed the details of a family quarrel in his book. Prince Harry’s memoirs are due on January 10, 2023.

The author himself insists that he lacks family warmth, and he wants to “return” his father and brother.

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