The King Charles III is eager to reconcile with him prince harry, implying the opposite of what the Duke of Sussex recently said in an interview with Anderson-Cooper in 60 minutes from CBS.

When asked about the possibility of reconciling with his father and brother William, enough so that Harry be welcomed into the family with open arms, the husband of Meghan Markle He answered briefly but clearly: “No”.

A source close to the royal family told Telegraph:

People close to the king insist that despite much of the criticism he and his family have received, he has always made it clear how much he loves his two sons and has kept the lines of communication open in recent years.

A source told the British newspaper that the claims of Harry they were “false”, and added that Carlos, 74, and his youngest son, 38, kept in touch with him and met several times during the celebrations of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Awards Jubilee in June 2022.

It is said that their relationship is sometimes very tense, but the King Charles II has said several times that the doors remain open for the prince harry Y Meghan Markle.

Despite their strained relationship, it is reported that Carlos will invite Harry Y Meghan to the coronation on May 6, but in a recent video interview from ITV, Harry claimed that his family had not shown absolutely no desire for reconciliationand told the journalist Tom Bradby:

I would like to have my father and brother back.

In the Netflix documentary series, “Harry and meghan» revealed the difficulties they faced before stepping down as royals in 2020. The prince harry revealed in an episode that the prince william was furious after announcing his plans to move to the United States with Meghan Markle like family.

The prince harry said in the interview:

Having my brother yelling at me, my dad saying things that weren’t true, and my grandmother sitting there taking it all in, it was horrible.

Harry he also said that he doubted he would ever get a true apology from his family.

I have to accept the fact that we may never get real accountability or a sincere apology, my wife and I are moving on, we’re focused on what’s next.