The prince harry has claimed that his father, the King Carlos III, he was jealous that his daughters-in-law, Meghan Y Kate, they would like to steal his prominence, this is before ascending the throne. That is the new revelation in the book of memories that will be published for sale on January 10.

He then Prince of Wales I did not want to financially support the dukes of Sussex, not even who at that time was the duke of Cambridge, the Prince William, who is now first in line for succession, as kate middleton this according to British media that have obtained a copy of the book.

Harry explained that before he married Megan, her father asked her if she would continue working as an actress and when she said no because she would definitely move to Britain, the current King told her there was no money for her. keep it.

For that reason, the prince harry I interpret those words as the King Charles III I didn’t want that Meghan you will steal prominence in the royal family, all this according to the British media.

In another part of the book, the prince also reveals that Carlos did not like the media attention that the prince received. prince william Y Kate, saying that he expressed his disgust at the coverage they received in 2015.