The prince harry, In a recent interview, he confirmed if he will return to work for the British royal family, after the extensive controversies that he and his family have had to face.

The duke of sussex referred to with a forceful response to his return to the british crownafter 3 years having given up his duties as a royal member, in order to carry his relationship with the actress Meghan Markleaway from the racist press.

The prince’s response was revealed in an interview he decided to offer, in order to talk about his memoir “Spare“, which will be released next January 10. However, in the middle of the interview, the reporter Anderson-Cooper questioned him about extra topics, and one of those was his encouragement about returning to the Royal family.

The interviewer in the middle of the talk questions her if she would work for her family again, “Do you see yourself working for the royal family again?“, the answer of prince harryalthough for some it was what they expected, in others it caused astonishment for their opinion.

He responded with a resounding and quick “NOT«, determined with his position to have a stable relationship with Meghan Markleand to protect the future of their two children, Lilibet Y Archiesince when the actress’s relationship with the prince was confirmed, the critics did not wait, launching racist judgments against Meghan and their little children.

Some experts affirm that it is almost impossible for the prince to return to royalty, because if after three years they have been showing a strong position with their decision, later it would not be easy to return.