The prince harry He made revelations of all kinds in his new book, which will come out on January 10, but some media received some copies, thanks to that the secrets are already beginning to come out to the public.

In one of his revelations, the prince harry I talk about his life and his time in the British Army, and in these new revelations from the autobiography of the prince harry show that the Duke of Sussex I take the life of 25 Taliban fighters during his military service in Afghanistan.

The prince harry he served in the british army for ten years but had two stints against the taliban, the first was as a front line air traffic controller calling in airstrikes in 2007 and 2008, the second stint he flew an attack helicopter in 2012 and 2013 .

According to the prince, he was involved in six missions, all of which involved death, however, the prince harry He justified these attacks by referring to the attacks of September 11 in the United States and wrote in his book:

My number was 25, it wasn’t a number that made me happy, but it didn’t embarrass me either.

When he was in the middle of an intense and chaotic battle, he didn’t think of those 25 as ordinary people. To me they were pawns that we removed from the chessboard, and the bad guys were eliminated before the good guys were killed.

Taliban senior leader Anas Haqqani He criticized the Duke of Sussex’s comments and said in a Twitter thread that the Afghans he killed had relatives and were waiting for them.