The prince harry has compared to the Princess Dianahis mother, with his current wife Meghan Markleand criticism of royalty for their racist behavior against Meghan.

The decision to leave the institution or royalty was made by the couple when their relationship began, because according to the prince harry he did not want his wife to have to suffer what his mother had to suffer, who died in 1997harassed by the paparazzi.

The first chapters of the documentary called: «harry and meghan» were published last Thursday after months of controversy and speculation about the documentary.

In the docuseries, in addition to revealing details about the beginning of the relationship between the Dukes of Sussexscenes have been revealed where the royal family did not know how to act with the couple of the prince harry because they classify it as: «a black woman who did not fit into royalty«.

And he goes on to say “they were shocked… the fact that he was dating an American actress was probably what clouded their judgment at first«.

In the middle of his story, he referred to how similar his mother and Meghan: «So much of who Meghan is and what she is like is so much like my mother…She has that same self-confidence, she has that warmth.”.

The fans hope to have new revelations in the next chapters to understand in detail the performances of the duke of sussex with royalty.